Can You Grow Almonds From Cuttings – How To Take Almond Cuttings

Almonds are not actually nuts. They belong to the genus Prunus, which includes peaches, cherries, and plums. These fruit trees are usually propagated by budding or grafting. What about rooting almond cuttings? Can you grow almonds from cuttings? Read on for how to take almond cuttings and other information on propagating almonds from cuttings.

Can you grow almonds from cuttings?

Almonds are usually grown by grafting. Since the almond is closely related to the peach, it is usually budded in it, but can also be budded in the rootstock of a plum or apricot. However, since these fruiting trees can also be propagated by hardwood cuttings, it is natural to assume that it is possible to root the almond cuttings.

Will almond cuttings root in the ground?

Cuttings of almonds are unlikely to take root in the ground. It seems that although you can root hardwood cuttings, it is very difficult. This is undoubtedly why most people propagate almonds by seed or using grafted cuttings rather than hardwood cuttings.

How to take almond cuttings

When rooting almond cuttings, take cuttings from healthy outer shoots growing in full sun. Choose cuttings that appear vigorous and healthy with well-spaced. The central stem or basal cuttings planted from the previous season are more likely to take root. Harvest the tree when it is dormant in the fall.

Cut 10 to 12 inches (25-31 cm) scraps from the almonds. Make sure the cutting has two or three good-looking buds. Remove any leaves from the clippings. Cut almond cuttings should be dipped into rooting hormone. Plant the cuttings in a soilless medium that allows it to be loose, well-drained, and well-ventilated. Place the piece 1 inch or less into the pre-moistened media with the cut end down.

Place a plastic bag over the container and place it in a temperature of 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (13 to 24 degrees Celsius) with indirect light. Open the bag each day to check that the media is still damp and for air circulation.

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