A Detailed Reviw on Lenovo HE05 TWS Wireless Earbuds

Lenovo HE0 Wireless Headset Review


Lenovo HE0 Wireless Headset is an ideal choice for music lovers who demand both style and performance. This headset offers you a comfortable listening experience with its 8mm drivers, delivering excellent sound quality. With a built-in high-capacity battery, you can enjoy music for up to 12 hours and the standby time is up to 7 days.


8mm Drivers – Lenovo HE0 Wireless Headset has 8mm drivers that provide an outstanding sound quality and a pleasant listening experience. 

 High-Capacity Battery – The headphones have a built-in high-capacity battery that offers up to 12 hours of operation time and up to 7 days of standby time. 
 Bluetooth 5.0 – The headset comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that ensures a fast and stable connection, allowing you to enjoy music without any interruptions. 
 IPX5 Waterproof Rating – Lenovo HE0 Wireless Headset is rated IPX5 for water resistance, which makes it suitable for outdoor activities and can keep out rain and sweat.

Ergonomic Design – The headphones are ergonomically designed for long-term comfort, making them suitable for extended use.


CVC Microphone Cancellation – The integrated premium CVC noise-canceling microphone gives you music enjoyment, making it ideal for phone calls.


Magnetic Design – The magnetic design of the headphones makes it easy to store and carry, making it a perfect accessory for travel.


Brand: Lenovo 

Model: HE0 
Bluetooth Version: 5.0 
Materials: Steel, Silicone, TPE

Transmission Distance: 10m (possible) 

Water Resistant: IPX5 
Dustproof: IP6X

Battery: 3.7V / 105mAh


Operating Time: About 8 hours 

Standby Time: About 120 hours

Charging Time: About 2 hours 

Colors: Black, Red, White (Optional) 
Horn Diameter: 10mm 
Speaker Sensitivity: 98dB

Frequency Response Range: 20-20kHz


In conclusion, Lenovo HE0 Wireless Headset is an ideal choice for those who love music and need a comfortable and stylish headset. With its excellent sound quality, high-capacity battery, Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and waterproof rating, this headset is perfect for outdoor activities and extended use. The ergonomic design and magnetic design make it easy to store and carry, making it a perfect accessory for travel.

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