Best Microphone for YouTube Videos 2022

Best Microphone for YouTube Videos 2022 

Today on tips to fix we will talk about something   very beautiful and professional we will talk  about anti-usb microphone here it is today   we will make the video for unboxing we will  test this microphone it’s just a brand new i   bought on amazon and this is very professional  microphone you can use it for studio making   commercial jingles for radio station or whatever  another thing you can use this microphone is for   singing and you know what using this  microphone with usb is normal usb not usb-c   using this with your laptop directly you don’t  need any sound card any mixer or any anything like   that you just need your laptop this microphone and  also you need all headphones i have it here a3d   but you can use whatever you want and now i will  show you how to use very very easy things and you   can make it able for recording videos like this  you can make video tutorial with this microphone   for youtubers also is very very professional .

and it is one of the most sales for the moment anti-usb road microphone Australian brand so i will show you right now unboxing this and   how to use and how to set it up and make it  ready for recording let’s start to open this um box right now we have a stitch here what is  that we can remove it from here first thing   so it is here remove this clip paper  okay let’s open up and let’s see   wow okay guys oh is this one nice i can remove this and here it is   look at this microphone we have here stand nice beautiful beautiful stand we can keep it .

 we have microphone here oh we  have also the pop shield okay   let’s remove it from here we have microphone with  pop shield let’s remove this uh protection thing oh man look at this microphone is here nice and  clean empty usb with with usb  there is   something here okay look at this the usb is like  um 2.0 okay we have two potentiometers one of them   is one of them is a microphone audio and  computer desktop because this microphone also   it will work like a sound card okay we  have pop shield is i think it’s metallic it’s metallic and it’s removable .

 if we want we can remove it here   okay i will remove it for you guys let’s  see okay look at this is the microphone   and it’s it’s not omni direction it’s with one  way here here in this part if you see this gold uh   point it means here is the place you can talk  and you can keep it like four hands away from   your from your mouth and here is the place to  to talk to this microphone okay and this side   not in the back but only in this side okay let’s  mount this pop shield again put it back together okay nice okay here it is so what we have again here also oh look  at this we have cable here is long enough   i think it’s five meters it’s a tag here  okay it’s come from new zealand australia   and it works with the power five falls um  milliampere and it’s earl microphone okay   and we have a bag man this is awesome look at this  there is a book inside here is a manual manual so   you can read it read the distance and everything  you need and if you want more details how to   connect it i will explain you on this video but  here you can you can read it yourself if you want   there are a lot of details here so what we  have inside i love road look at this we can   we have a sticker we can put on our table or  whatever but this bag is very good for your   microphone if you want to travel and you need your  microphone with you and you have your laptop you   need your microphone and that’s it you can go and  make a video or you can go and record your song   or something like that you have the cable here  five meter five meters it’s very very enough okay   so now let’s remove everything from the  box we will keep it here on the table i   will remove the box from here and we just need  the microphone we don’t need this box anymore   okay guys here it is it’s on the table right  now we have here all equipments okay here   is the stand here’s the pop filter i call pop  filter pop shell so let’s let’s uh connect this   stand and let’s see how it looks here okay look at  this this microphone now it’s ready for recording   okay but i can keep this because i don’t  have to use all the length of this cable   and i will show you how to connect directly on  your computer and i will teach you how to use it we have the microphone now and also we have  the laptop and we can connect it together   okay here is the set ready also we need to  have our headphones .

okay now the next step   is connecting your rode microphone with  your computer using the usb cable okay   so here at the at the bottom here at the bottom is  an connector usb connector and you have to connect   and you have to connect this connector here  on the back of the microphone connect it   here it is so look at this okay and the other  one put in your laptop or in your computer   usb put it here and put it here  on the computer okay let’s see now on the computer what we have here oh look at this there is a blue light i  like it look at this blue light inside   man this is awesome can you see the  blue light inside the microphone   this make this microphone very  beautiful to see and work with this   and let’s see now on the computer we have  speaker road and usb we can use our headphones   let’s put i will put the headphones  and i will connect the headphones here   on the headphones connector and i’m listening to  myself right now using this microphone also mix   the volume from the computer audio it comes  from the computer if you want to sing a song   you need to hear the music from your computer  also hear yourself here on the microphone   and you can with this potentiometer you can  balance audio from both audio from your microphone   and audio from computer for your headphones here  it is and here is the volume of your headphones   this is just a volume okay i have my headphones  on my ears and i’m hearing to myself now   on this microphone .

so i will make this able to  you and to hear how pure and how good quality   is the audio i will use audacity but you can use  another software if you want adobe audition or   whatever and choose your microphone oh look at  this road and usb look back you have microphone   nt usb you don’t need to install  any driver you don’t need to do   anything you just plug the microphone  on your computer and computer it will   understand automatically so  sure if you use windows 10   okay now click record and here you can hear  my voice using microphone from rode nt usb   okay now i’m hearing myself also you will hear my  voice using this microphone and you can tell me   and you can see the different so let me do a spot  for you guys and now you can see me i have these   uh headphones that are closed headphones  i will make another review for them i   will suggest you another video and here i  have the microphone and let’s do the test   here i am on tips to fix daniel is here and we  will record this video okay you are listening   to tips to fix radio there is always a way out so  you will see the difference on audio quality and  if you have any other questions just write me  comment below i really suggest you using this   microphone is very professional 

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