How To Reset MacBook Pro to Factory Settings

How To Reset MacBook Pro to Factory Settings

 i will show you in  this ARTICLE how to format and remove everything  from this computer it’s MacBook pro 2017   we moved on another one the new one so we have  to format and delete everything from here so   first step what you have to do you have just  go here on iTunes open up iTunes go to settings   account and click sign up okay this is first  thing you have to do okay the second thing   you have to do you have to open up iMessages open  up messages here go here on messages preferences   click iMessage and click sign out you have to  sign out from all accounts another thing you   have to remove now iCloud from this computer go  to settings open up settings system open up system preferences here on the apple id click on the apple id choose iCloud and uncheck your iCloud drive  well if you want to keep a copy of your data   don’t forget to click this  option keep a copy .

but in my case i   have a backup so i have to remove everything  so i want to remove everything from this mac   click remove from the mac and now iCloud drive needs to finish updating before being turned off also click uncheck mail and everything  you need to remove from this computer   okay after we remove iCloud  and we sign out from iCloud you have to restart the computer now  and we will restart on recovery mode   to restart the mac on recovery mode you will  hold the command button and also air button   click and hold both of these buttons  in the same time command and error so as you see the mac is open up on  recovery mode right .

now what we have to do   is you have to go here on the disk utility okay so click on the disk utility click continue okay here we are you have here mac os based system   you will see here three partitions and you will  check the one who is listed with data at the end   you see the word data these are all the files on  your computer you will delete it and you don’t   want it to to let it here on this older computer  okay what you have to do click the Macintosh hd   data click erase button here leave it as it  is APFS click erase okay it’s done click done close that window you will choose the second  option reinstall the mac os and click continue click continue again click agree click agree choose your making touch hard drive data and  click install this process it will take 23 minutes .

 so after this process your mac it  will be very brand new or very fresh your os system and the system  will be Catalina the lasted one this is how you can format your mac  and delete every data and make it   empty don’t forget to subscribe tips  to fix if you have any other questions   just write a comment below after installation  you will see this screen is welcome screen so   now you are able to reconnect your  computer 

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