How to Sign Out your Google Account from All Devices

How to Sign Out your Google Account from All Devices 

I will show you how to sign out from all devices if you are logging within any android tv or in another phone or another device that you are not manage them anymore or if you lost your phone and you don’t have access on that phone anymore so now you don’t want somebody else to see your photos your videos and everything on gmail on your google account because if they have gmail they can see everything you have so we’ll show you how to sign out okay first of all what do we have to do just go here on the google and search for google account search for google account go here on the google account go to google account login sign in if you if you are not sign in and here you go on the security area here on the security and here you will see your passwords and your sign-in um methods but go down scroll down and you will see here your devices we have two parts we have your devices and we have google apps with account access maybe you have given some access to other apps like youtube on tv this is very very interesting because you don’t have any other place where to move or to sign out.

 if you are already signing on youtube tv in any tv and you you are not on that tv anymore but your friends now have access on your account and they are watching uh videos with your account in their tv so here is the place you can sign it out from everybody else okay what we have to do go here many access and here you can see all other apps i give access from from my gmail from my gmail account okay i need all all of them but i don’t want to use this youtube on tv and what we have to do just click here on this youtube on tv and just click remove access or cancel click ok and now you just disable any other apps you just sign it out from them okay.

 another up is my google chrome also this google chrome is on my tv i don’t have to remove this because i need it another one you can go here and see sign in with google i will remove pinterest okay i don’t want to sign in on pinterest with my google account anymore you will do the same if you have it if you don’t want it anymore but just go and check and see let’s go back also i will remove from some devices manage devices here and look at this this xiaomi redmi 6 pro it’s not able anymore and it is inactive for 69 days i don’t have to have this smartphone anymore click three dots here and click sign out click sign up okay the only the only two device i have right now is this one here and this one here is my pc but i’m using right now and my phone that i have right now and the other phones where when you have sign out are these ones here so make sure you have to remove or don’t recognize this device anymore and that’s it so this is how you remove or sign out your google account from all of your purviews equipment like tv or of any other phones or something like that 

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